Stage for Success

Potential home buyers prefer to see a house that is move-in ready. Buyers have a very hard time imagining the space of empty rooms and how they would fill with furniture. Take all of that uncertainty out of the equation by displaying your home in its best form and allow prospective buyers to imagine themselves in your house.

Any potential home buyer should be able to walk into your house and feel right at home. ImaginationMB decorates and designs homes to have a comfortable, inviting, and personalized look, while remaining neutral and easily-accessible to almost any palette. We use furniture and decor to transform your house into a home that is desirable for buyers in the current market.

Your staged home is sure to impress prospective buyers and help your house sell faster and higher than your asking price. Whether the buyer’s first impression is pulling up to the curb or looking at photos online, your beautifully staged home will pique their interest and keep it all the way to signing.

ImaginationMB will work with you and your budget to stage the perfect home. Whether you want to redecorate your space with existing furniture and accessories, or if you would prefer us to bring some of our pieces in to spruce up your look – or anything in between – we can do it! We will do whatever it takes to make your home irresistible to prospective buyers.

Through the four simple steps curated for our clients, ImaginationMB can take your home to the next level and turn it into the perfect home of a potential buyer’s imagination. A staged home sells faster for more dollars, so there is nothing to lose!

1. Consultation

“It’s all about the details.”

Your home is beautiful and unique to you, but when you’re selling your house, it has to “WOW” the client. That’s where ImaginationMB comes in. Before we begin any staging, we will come to your home for a consultation. We will do a walk-through, identifying the beautiful aspects of your home to accentuate, and the less ideal aspects to draw attention away from. Your consultation will take 1-2 hours of in-depth inspection for ways to make your home more appealing on the market. If you’re not sure that home staging is the right choice for your home, book our FREE 30-minute consultation. ImaginationMB has the expertise to turn your house into a home any potential buyer can imagine themselves living in.

Our full consultation is only $150!

2. Preperation

“A plan of action.”

After your initial consultation, you will receive a proposal that details not only the cost of home staging services, but also your expected Return on Investment for the potential sale of your house. Right away, you can look forward to profiting from the sale of your beautiful home.

Along with your estimate, your ImaginationMB expert will also provide you with a curated list of things to do in order to prepare your home for staging and selling. These items might include small changes like decluttering and depersonalizing, or even minor repairs/renovations that can be done to make the house appear move-in ready. We can help you choose the right paint colour or refer preferred skilled industry workers to complete any repairs. ImaginationMB will work with you and your budget to prepare your home for staging.

3. Staging

“Everything is falling into place.”

ImaginationMB strives to work with your existing furniture and decor to create a beautiful and comfortable home with style and flow. If your home is vacant or you would prefer a more streamlined look, we also have a dedicated warehouse of inventory including furniture, accessories, artwork, lamps, rugs, mirrors, and just about anything you can think of that we can bring to your home to help accentuate its style. Your ImaginationMB expert will work with you to create a home you can be proud of.

Be sure to book your consultation as early as possible before the property is ready to list to give yourself and your home staging expert plenty of time to make your home ready for the market. Once your home is cleaned, decluttered, and repaired, your home staging expert will rearrange, redecorate, and redesign your home so that every potential buyer can feel how nice it is to live there.

4. Selling

“Time to dance.”

In 2020, the Real Estate Staging Association conducted a study of 13K staged homes throughout the US and Canada and found that 85% of staged homes sold for 5-23% over list price. Not only did the homes sell for more, they also sold faster! The same study found that staged homes average just 23 days on the market. With a beautifully staged home by ImaginationMB, you can be part of the statistics. For 75% of home sellers, spending just 1% of your asking price to invest in home staging can yield an ROI of 5-15%. That’s a bigger return on your investment, a shorter time on the market, and fundamental peace of mind.

This is the day to be proud of your home. Open the windows, let in the sunshine, and let the bidding begin. Once the sale is successfully closed – faster and for more than you expected – ImaginationMB will remove all of your staged items and return your home to the way it was on day one.