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Showcase your home’s best side with ImaginationMB’s expert home staging. From decor and accessories to rental furniture and painting, we will make your home desirable and profitable.

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Stage Your Home, Sell Your Home

Imagine entering a new home and it feels like you already live there. The beautifully decorated and meticulously cleaned house feels warm and inviting. You can picture yourself lounging on the couch or making breakfast in the kitchen. This is the feeling prospective homebuyers will have when they come to see your professionally staged home. We will take care of every detail to ensure your house or condo looks irresistible to buyers.

A professionally staged home will increase the desirability of your house or condo and not only help your home sell faster, but also create a competitive edge that will increase the value of your property. In 2020, 85% of staged homes sold for 5-23% over the listing price, with an average of 23 days on the market.

To get your home looking its best, ImaginationMB has curated an easy 4-step process to give your house or condo that “WOW” factor homebuyers are looking for. We will work with you every step of the way to maximize your ROI and minimize your days on the market.

Our Process

Make a Lasting Impression

Make a first impression that will last from open house to closing day.

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One Richmond Row Penthouse Staging
View Gallery One Richmond Row Penthouse Staging
Condo Townhouse Improved for 46% Increase in Value
View Gallery Condo Townhouse Improved for 46% Increase in Value

What Our Clients Have To Say!

Working with Maryann was a pleasure. She presented many fresh design ideas that suited our vision perfectly. Maryann went above and beyond with her services, including complimentary cleaning. We have used other staging services in the past, however, Maryann exceeded our expectations and we will use her services in the future.

Dan C.London, Ontario

As a home renovation specialist, I have now worked along side Maryann on a few different jobs now. Maryann has a bold vision that is very unique and refreshing to the viewer. Modern elegance and character can be found in each of her designs. I would recommend Maryann’s services to anyone looking to add that special touch to staging. Not just an everyday stager!

G. BurgeLondon, Ontario

I met Maryann Bowen when she purchased the condo next door. We talked about the changes she had made to the interior, but words could not describe how gorgeous the home became.

Maryann put down a shiny marble porcelain floor in her kitchen and entrance way. This flooring made the kitchen and entrance way look larger than it actually was. Maryann definitely has an eye for detail to optimize the living space in your home.

Kim D.London, Ontario

I was Maryann’s neighbour for eight months. The townhouse we live in is fairly narrow by London Ontario standards. To make the dining area look bigger Maryann went and selected a glass table and chairs with chrome rail backs. The optical illusion of the see through table and chairs made the whole main floor bigger. When moving day happened we got in a bidding war with the new owners over who would get the table and chair set.

It is this ability to pick out the right pieces for each environment that has made her successful as a house flipper. If you are planning on selling your home and want to have your place looking its best than I strongly recommend using Maryann’s home staging expertise so that you can get top dollar.

Tim HodgesLondon, Ontario

I have had the opportunity to work with Maryann on several projects in the last few years and the results have been beyond my expectations. Her professional approach and calm nature were quite reassuring during the staging process. Her keen eye for detail, sense of style and her ability to think outside the box transformed my properties from very plain to very classy. Her approach and transformation of my properties were unique to each one. She did not cut and paste the same colors ideas of one project to the next one. This I found quite refreshing. I believe that my investment in her services brought me a nice return. I would highly recommend Maryann to decorate or stage any property. I am currently in the middle of another project and I am using Maryann on this one as well.

C C.McMLondon, Ontario

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